ASTM E11 Test Sieves

ASTM Test Sieves


W.S. Tyler™ Test Sieves are made to the current ASTM E-11 specifications

(ISO 3310-1 sieve sizes are also available).

Select the Diameter of Test Sieve you require and click on the link for a full list of openings available.

bullet 8″ diameter Test Sieves
bullet 12″ diameter Test Sieves
bullet 3″ diameter Test Sieves
bullet 6″, 10″ & 18″ diameter Test Sieves
bullet 200 mm diameter Analytical Test Sieve
bullet 305mm 400mm and 450mm diameter Analytical Test Sieve

Test Sieve products are produced in a variety of diameter sizes, in both brass and stainless steel.

Each test sieve is supplied with a Serial Number and matching Test Sieve Certificate of Compliance.

Optional Document of Certification traceable to NIST is available.

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