Ball Pan Hardness

ASTM D 3802

Ball-Pan Hardness of Activated Carbon


We offer a special set for determining the ball-pan hardness number of granular activated carbons.

This set includes:

bullet Special hardness pan
(catalog number 8480)
bullet Stainless Steel balls, diameter 1/2″, quantity 15
(catalog number 15×1/2″ CHBLS)
bullet Stainless Steel balls, diameter 3/8″, quantity 15
(catalog number 15×3/8″ CHBLS)

This set must be used with a Mechanical Sieve Shaker and a stack of standard specification E11 sieves.

Please follow these links:

bullet RoTap® Sieve Shaker, Model RX-29
bullet ASTM E11 Test Sieves

The Ro-Tap® RX-29 is used for the determination of the particle size distribution of granular activated carbon (ASTM D 2862).


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